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​Once a Week Peel, Self-Love, Meditation & Dreams Manifestation Treatment~
Triple Action Frosting Peel~ Once a week apply a generous layer of peel on entire face, neck and chest like icing on a scone and
allow it to lay on skin for 30 – 60 minutes. (Do not massage into your skin.) Rinse off peel with a cool or warm wet face cloth.
Follow with Daily AM or PM Treatment shown below here. Helps to heal and reduce scars, wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots,
large pores, acne, black heads, white heads, dry, dull skin and produces soft, smooth, firm, tight, even tone, bright, vibrant skin!
*Note: While the peel is processing for 30 – 60 minutes, consider this your “daily prayer / meditation and relaxation self care
time to recharge your battery and rejuvenate yourself.
Play meditation/ spa treatment music while doing your daily cleansing, boundaries, grounding, mirror work and mind-movie
manifestations routine” – these instructions will be emailed to you upon request.
Daily AM & PM Face Lift, Self-Love, Meditation & Manifestation Treatment (Only 2 Minutes)~
1.) Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser~ Daily AM & PM – Wet skin, massage a dime size of cleanser well into face, neck and chest
while infusing your “positive intentions” of Love, Health, Beauty and Abundance while “Visualizing” your skin in your minds eye
looking clear, even tone, bright, tight, firm and vibrant for 60 complete seconds. Allow the healing energy to come through your
hands touching every part of your skin with love during all of the following steps. Rinse cleanser off with your healing hands &
clear water, then pat dry.
2.) Gentle Herbal Healing Toner Mist~ Daily AM & PM – Spritz 4 times from 7 inches away on face, neck & chest while infusing
your “positive intentions and visualizations.” Leave on. Helps skin balance acidity, tighten, brighten & heal acne. Prepares skin
to deeply receive serum, moisturizer and cream.
3.) Firm N Fill Serum~ Daily AM & PM – Massage a dime size of serum on face, eyes, neck and chest
while infusing your “positive intentions and visualizations.” Add more to areas that can use help to smooth, even, firm, fill,
brighten & tighten!
4.) Wrinkle Free Eye & Lip Cream~ Daily AM – Gently apply a dime size around entire eye & lip area while
infusing your “positive intentions and visualizations.” Add generous layer for dark circles, eye bags, eye or frown wrinkles, fine
lines, crow’s feet or puffiness.
5.) Beautiful Clear Skin Anti- Aging Moisturizer~ Daily AM – Massage a dime size of moisturizer on face, eyes, neck and chest
while infusing your “positive intentions and visualizations.” Deeply hydrates, reduces wrinkles, fine lines and acne.
6.) Glyco-Lipid Revive Cream~ Daily PM (AM & PM for over 50 years) – Massage a dime size of cream on face, neck and chest
while infusing your “positive intentions and visualizations.” Add more to areas that can use help to soften, revive, smooth,
even, firm & tighten!
7.) Lip Repair Plumper~ Daily AM & PM – Apply generously to top and bottom lip while infusing your “positive intentions and
visualizations” and massage lips together. Then smile and allow the love in your heart & soul to radiate through your eyes and
*Request our “Self-Love Prayer” and “8 Step Self Healing – Forgiveness Process” to be emailed to you if you would like help
increasing your self-love and forgiving yourself for anything for your highest & greatest good.
You are worthy of receiving unconditional self love! You are whole and perfect just as you are and loved simply because you
exist. Forgive yourself & others for any issues that you are holding guilt, shame or resentment for.
*For under 40 years old – Create healthy, clear, even skin – Acne Free – follow above program, however;
eliminate step 3, step 4 for eyes and lips unless you have dark circle and/or dry lips and step 6.