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A Strategic Business Development Coaching System with Offline & Online Presence Development & Closing the Sale Training

Are you done being a “Lone Ranger” divine CEO, building your sacred online business or patching various unreliable or non-aligned freelancers together to create your business empire?


You’re highly skilled at the service that you provide or have amazing high quality products that produce awesome results…  with clients who love their outcomes and now it’s time to go global and take your sales online while enjoying beautiful balance in your life and family! Present your signature offer and close the Sale like a boss online or from stage and uncap your market potential and revenue.  


Whether you are a CEO, business owner, coach, keynote speaker, inventor, author, consultant, teacher, healer, counselor, corporate professional, attorney, engineer, accountant or medical doctor…. etc. if you want your hand held through the whole process of revenue generation, this is the package for you. From business coaching and certification course tutoring with a new professional credentials diploma, set up, branding and offer creation, through to bookings, copy and website build and maintenance, we offer a complete agency service with the care of a high touch team. 


  • Become a 6 to 7-figure Business Leader as you own your voice, power, and presence in the online world in a way that CONVERTS. Have women saying “I want what SHE has” and holding out their credit cards to you as you share your magnetic presence and life-changing content with them.
  • Create your signature offer that sells like hotcakes for the right clients at your dream price. Have a juicy downsell up your sleeve for those clients who can’t commit to the whole kahuna but who love your work and are ready to move. This allows you to command higher prices doing the work you LOVE, with people who value your divine service.
  • Make a POW impact with future clients who are getting to know you, with design and branding that reflects the uniqueness of your offerings and your energy. Connect emotionally, build trust and rapport through a professional online presence that proves you’re the real deal, moving them to move.
    • Enjoy a responsive, interactive website that clients flock to, so they can consume your epic content and convert to sales calls seamlessly while you sleep.
    • Master the art of copy that converts in a highly supportive coaching and ‘done with you’ process. This empowers you to create your own high conversion copy moving forward, whilst ensuring your words weave their magic in the hearts and minds of your future clients NOW.


You are now free to be unforgettable, grow your following and book clients like the Business Leader you are! 


Twelve-month Training or Platinum Membership for One Year Training. There are three levels to the program to choose from and the third level includes private, 1:1 monthly coaching in addition to the group course, coaching, and training. There will be entrepreneurial students building their business with us year after year!

6 Module Curriculum includes:

Module 1 – Get Paid as a Keynote Speaker and Grow your Business both Offline and Online. Let your paid speaking be your sales and marketing tool as well.

Module 2 – Business Leadership, Setup three income streams for financial stability, Ethical Business Cash Flow, & Compassionate Profitability.

Module 3 – Inventors launch and sell your product invention successfully in the global market both Retail and Wholesale.

Module 4 – Authors publish your digital / hard copy book, courses, podcast and sell them around the clock, even while you sleep.

Module 5 – Grow your Classy, Online, Global Visibility & Sell your Products and Services to “Sold Out”

Module 6 – Entrepreneurship Mindset and residual income development to set yourself free with passive income to create financial stability and freedom.