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Divine Channel, NLP, Life Coach, Level I – Certification Course

Become a Certified Divine Channel, NLP
(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Life Coach in just 90 days. 

Gain your professional credentials and build a profitable and financially stable income. A complete Business Program in a box.


Due to COVID 19 all sales are final.


Become a Certified, Divine Channel, NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming), Life Coaching Practitioner that serves as an Earth Angel and is able to take their client to their Victory Life with ease, joy, and grace within a series of key, well-structured, and orchestrated sessions.

Learn how to professionally orchestrate a stunning transformation session that miraculously moves your client in just 1-2 hours.

Your client will shift from stuck, struggling, lost, and hopeless to clear, laser-focused, lit up, full of knowledge. She/he will be activated to move in the right direction for her highest and greatest good in alignment with the intentions of his/her heart, soul, and soul mission!

Be the professional practitioner that your clients rave about to their family and friends for your accuracy and freakishly amazing ability to hold space for your clients while they transform in front of your eyes to even your own surprise!

Learn within our Divine Winner’s Circle vortex and earn your professional credentials with our potent certification and business development training. 


* You become a Divine Channel, NLP Life Coach who can channel divine guidance and source with potent power and accuracy.


  • You can now tap into your client’s higher self (oversoul) and spiritual counsel when channeling, being an OFF THE CHARTS conduit for their messages.  You are now totally clear, confident, and potent in your channel and delivery. 
  • Your client receives guidance in the way it was intended by their higher counsel through your work, which is a deeply transformational experience in itself, that your clients will rave about and refer everyone they know to you to experience it for themselves.
  • Master the art of soulful delivery. Become a chameleon in your work, who has the ability to ‘fly under the radar’ of your client’s regular defenses. This empowers you to share your client’s messages in a way that opens them up to peacefully allow what you are sharing with their soul, even though in other settings they may reject those messages. 
  • Master results with your clients busting through their own glass ceiling and taking divinely inspired and embodied action in their new self-identity. These exceptional results will have your clients referring everyone they know to you to experience it for themselves. 


Special Note: Once you graduate from this 12 Week Practitioner Course; you may apply for our 12 Week Master Teacher Course which is the MBA of the practitioner’s course and teaches you how to teach this course and grants you permission to teach our Practitioner Course and certify your students, plus teaches you advanced video online presence, digital marketing, sales, and service to take your business to six figures! This includes 8 additional course modules. 

What you get…

  • 12 x 90 Minute Group Divine Rich CEO training classes via Zoom: 

Financial & business ascension activation and blockage and or trauma release with business development coaching. Business development with your soul in mind. 

Set yourself free to complete your business projects, publish your book or start your new business, and more! 

  • Lifetime access to the Academy of Divine Rich CEO membership site and digital course including: 


  • Delivery Training:
  • The art of the miraculous breakthrough session/program
    Transform your client’s life in a single session 


  • Business & Manifestation Training:
    Breakthrough session – Single session framework 
  • 2 – 4  session framework
  • How to hold space for 1:1 work 
  • Certified to work 1:1 as a Divine channel, NLP, Life Coach
  • Single breakthrough session
    Series of sessions


a 12 client profile practicum worksheets due within 30 days from your last training class and your final exam which must be passed to receive your Credentials Certificate diploma. (Value $6,000 USD) 


~ Divine Channel NLP Life Coaching Program to… Embody Divine Love & Joy, How to Heal your Life in 12 Simple Steps… Experience the Miracles of the Embodiment of Divine Love & Joy… Balancing Emotions & Feelings… Bringing Lows up and highs down to feel calm, centered, balanced and self-confident. By Camille Conti, CH… The Creator of The Divine channel NLP Life Coach Certification Courses Level I, II & III (Value $2,000 USD) 

  • Weekly channeled homework- assigned and due each week for epic training and growth, tailored for the collective. 

This course will increase your professional skill set, credentials, credibility, and self-confidence to highly serve and earn. (Value $2,400 USD) 

~ 12 Week Membership in Certification Course Private Facebook Group:

Be seen and supported by a community of high-level like-minded souls who are sharing this journey of transformation, education, and service with you.

(Value $45,000 USD)

Total Value: $51,000 USD 


BONUS 1:  Premium 1:1 90 min VIP Sales Training Session with Camille Plus Troubleshoot the clunks out of your sales process to skyrocket your conversion and confidence on sales calls. Includes a sales call review with tailored feedback. 

(Value $3,000 USD) 

BONUS 2:  Camille Conti’s Master the Art of Sales made with Love Guide. A powerful time-proven procedure crafted with 32 years of CEO sales experience. (Value $2,000 USD) 

Hot PIF Expiring Bonuses: 

24 HR Bonus #1: 1 x 1 Hour Private Body Scan & NLP Healing Session with Camille to Remove money blocks and allow in your divine financial ascension and victory life!

(Value $1,500 USD) 



$8,000 USD (save $1,200!)  Pay in Full + PIF BONUS


Payment plan: $4,000 USD down and 2 x monthly payments of $1,600 USD


Today Only… 



$2,000 USD SCHOLARSHIP, Gorgeous…


PAY IN FULL: $6,000 USD (SAVE $1,200 USD) Pay in Full + PIF BONUS



$3,600 USD upfront + 2 monthly payments of $1,800 USD


Divine Online Business School –

Camille’s Academy of Divine Rich CEO offers radical deep profound healing, trauma release, manifestation training consultations, and powerful breakthrough sessions to rewire your brain for success to fully embody self-love, heal and claim your victory life! Our Academy also Offers the Divine Channel, NLP Life Coaching Certification Course in III Levels, Level I Practitioner Course, Level II Master Practitioner Course, and Level III Master Teacher Certification Course.


Purchase level I, II, AND III ALL TOGETHER FOR A SPECIAL SCHOLARSHIP OFFER and receive an additional Special Bonus (Valued at $15,000 USD)


I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who is seeking, needing or ready for a positive change and shift in their life to get to Camille ASAP!  Beautiful and amazing changes will happen and you will not be disappointed. If you allow it, you will experience healing, growth, and positive changes on so many levels of your being and existence. Working with Camille is worth every penny!

My daughter has been to Camille for healing work due to high levels of anxiety (she is 16 years old).  After working with Camille, Jordyn has demonstrated profound change.  Her self-confidence drastically improved and her anxiety has significantly reduced.  Jordyn also loved the sessions that she did with Camille. Jordyn has worked with a lot of providers and practitioners to address anxiety and some other issues related to physical health.  Camille facilitated significant changes in Jordyn on many levels, and it has been very obvious how Jordyn has gone from being timid, anxious, with borderline OCD behaviors, to calm, confident, and radiant! 


Rochester, NY 


I was not certain what I was going to achieve by working with Camille but I felt called to do so. I am so happy that I did. I felt stuck and not certain what was holding me back. Camille quickly walked me past blocks that have been hindering me for quite some time. I feel refreshed with new energy to move forward confidently. I have the clarity that I was seeking and a stronger connection to my higher self. Camille has wonderful energy and the ability to support you in making fast shifts towards your desired goals. Thank you, Camille. Much love. 


United Kingdom


I would advise someone thinking of working with Camille to definitely take the leap of faith if they are serious about changing their life and are committed to doing the work necessary to make the desired changes in their life.

I am extremely grateful and thankful to Camille for sharing her energy with me and enabling me to make dramatic, positive changes in my life to achieve my goals.  It has been a life-changing experience for which I am beyond appreciative.

Jennifer P. MD 

North Carolina


I met Camille in Oct ‘18 while grieving a pregnancy loss and seeking guidance around trying again to bring a child into the world. Within the year we worked together; I got engaged, pregnant, married, bought a house, and welcomed our beautiful son. Camille helped me rapidly upgrade and integrate various aspects of myself to bring my highest self into my new roles. Her guidance has always rung so true and anchored me during uncertain times. Her own experience and practical advice have also readied me to be a mom. I’m so glad I trusted my intuition that first day I met Camille. She has reminded me of the spirit’s presence and support in my life and I’m so grateful. Thanks, Camille!


Cleveland, OH 


Camille is a joy and a pleasure to work with.  Her knowledge of the products and the techniques she employs give me confidence in her ability to get results.

The products are of the highest quality and the techniques employed are uniquely structured for maximum results.

I recommend anyone to work with Camille.


Cheektowaga, NY


In the brief time, I’ve been working with Camille, I have noticed many positive changes in my life, thanks to her guidance. I met Camille by chance at a time when I was struggling with my own empathic abilities. She has given me tools that have made a big difference in my day-to-day life. Her insight has also helped me clarify long-term goals. I find her a joy to work with and I highly recommend her services. 

K.D. – Amherst, NY 



Thank you for sharing your knowledge and intuitive abilities during our 12 Week Transformational Class and the 8-week class.  I found both classes extremely informative, enlightening, and life-changing.  By using the tools we acquired each week kept us on track and moving forward.  My progress showed in many ways; for instance, I felt like I could take on any challenge, I was more full of life and I look forward to each new day!

The hypnosis was extremely important in this process and I would highly recommend any of her classes as they complement one another.  You keep building your assortment of tools that will be with you for life.  

Above all Camille, thank you for keeping me on point as having to be accountable is vital for progress.  Thank you for your honesty and openness in helping me hear things that were sometimes difficult to accept.

I look forward to our one-on-one sessions and learning about any new classes you are developing,

L.S. – Lancaster NY


“Camille made me feel comfortable and understood me right from our first meeting.  She has been right on with all the issues we’ve worked on and has taught me a lot about myself.  Working with Camille is helping me to improve my life and my sense of well-being.  Thank you, Camille!”

C.L. – Rochester, NY


I have had 3 sessions with Camille for business coaching.  After completing the third session I am noticing several changes – these changes are VERY noticeable to me, because I am in a totally different state of mind, and my energy feels completely different now as compared to my frantic state of the past couple of weeks.  

 I have tried coaching with others before and it was definitely not a match for my personal beliefs, values, and style.  I did not connect with the coaches the way I connect with Camille.  In the past, I was working with coaches and trying to implement their suggestions, doing everything they said, but I felt completely anxious every step of the way.  Now, I am noticing that I feel very CALM, yet EXCITED!!!  

Instead of floundering and wasting time fretting over the strategies and tasks for my action steps, I feel energized and excited and ready to get everything Camille suggests set up ASAP!  I just feel very different this time and I know with absolute certainty that my business is going to take off!  I feel very supported and if I have trouble or questions, Camille is there to assist me.  


What makes this course completely different is the 1:1 personalized interaction and instruction.  There are no words to describe how magical each session with Camille really is – you need to experience it for yourself because words can’t do it justice.  If I feel this different after only 3 sessions, I cannot even wait to see what happens over the next couple of months for me and my business!  Best investment in coaching I have made so far, hands down.   

Rochester, NY 


  • Has a BA in Psychology & Communication, is an expert Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Master Teacher Divine Channel, Certified  Image, Color, and Wardrobe Consultant, and Certified Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) Practitioner. 
    • Has 34 years of expert experience working privately with individual and business clients with a solid agency founded and built by Camille Conti and her team that has 62 years combined experience of proven results with healing, mindset coaching, and high-performance life and business achievement. 
    • Has created, built, and founded four exclusive and private, luxury, high-end brands as Founder and CEO as well as hundreds of successful brands for her private clients over the years. 
    • Has been featured on The Shopping Channel in Canada many times selling her Private Brand, Natural Image Care, a certified organic, healing skincare collection, and SOLD OUT every time on-air with phenomenal DPM (Dollars Per Minute). 
    • Lived a self-sabotaging life experience in the past, deeply understands the sacred journey, overcame the self-loathing, toxic relationships, self-abandonment, and rose up to her divine sovereign birthright to claim her victorious business and life and YOU CAN TOO! 
    • Is Offering Mother Mary Divine Channelling and Healing, Transmutation, and Miracles, Private Channelled breakthrough sessions.
  • Is an expert in teaching you how to use your divine sovereign birthright of your Goddess of Divine Feminine Unlimited Credit Card from Heaven. 
    • Will give you a Channelled, Personalized Soul Mission & Strategic Business Plan from YOUR Divine Spiritual Counsel (Your Higher Self (oversoul), Divine and all of your guardian angels and guides on your personal angelic team (spiritual counsel).
    • Has created and is using our blessed and maintained Goddess of Divine Feminine, Mother Mary Miraculous Transmutation Chambers Vortex. 
  • Will give you the perfect blend of healing & self-love upgrade, divine acquisition of business assets and successes needed to achieve your monthly financial goals, and business mindset ascension to achieve your top five to ten goals this year. 




  • Jeanne Marie is a highly sought-after change agent, business strategist, media and advertising expert, copywriter, and Personal Advisor to high-end, local and international clientele.
  • She has degrees in Finance, Architecture, and Construction Management and has owned two successful Landscape Architecture firms. 
  • Jeanne Marie also has diplomas, federal and civilian certifications /accreditations in Defense, Leadership, Crisis Intervention, Threat Assessment, Lean Six Sigma, Supervisory Investigations, Profiler, Interfaith Chaplain, MEFL( management essentials for leadership). 
  • Jeanne Marie has spent many years in executive management with Fortune 100 companies, raising the bar of personal accountability and delivering a premium product in mortgage banking, the automotive industry, and shipping & logistics. 
  • Over the last 30 years, Jeanne Marie has lived, traveled, and worked abroad extensively, has taken these priceless experiences from work and travel, and developed them into greatly sought-after tools for success in Attitude, Effective Communication, and Delivery. She believes in always having Integrity in everything you do! Her signature expansion package scales any business to the next level! 
  • With Jeanne Marie’s unique education, skillset, winning style, attitude, and personal/professional experiences, she performs an extensive diagnostic evaluation for the individual, business, or organization, makes recommendations, guides her client to the stellar completion of the goals set out to achieve by her client’s initial assessment with new realities to create, both personally and professionally.
  • Jeanne Marie enjoys her family life, many sports, cooking for her family, enjoying nature’s wonders of upstate, Western New York, and having a healthy lifestyle with her wife Camille and adult son. Faith Centered Well Being and Family is the paramount platform in the Conti Family.




At our Agency, we discover what our client desires and chooses to shift, change or upgrade about their life and business and what is holding them back from not already experiencing these said goals now in the way that they want to. We utilize multiple, unique, diagnostic tools, observations, and procedures for the initial consultation and assessment of any issues or root cause(s) known or unknown to our client and then make recommendations to successfully bring compassionate resolutions, positive measured results, and mutually agreed upon personal and/or professional goals to fruition. 


​Then we assist our clients in implementing the recommendation(s) with a suite of in-house services from our agency and refer those necessary outside resources to accomplish our client’s goals. We interview our clients extensively to assure a win-win relationship. As a proven and well-seasoned team; we are proud of our client’s successes and look forward to helping make magic happen together with each individual, organization, and business that we work with.


Camille Conti Agency, LLC Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved. 

Service Terms and Agreement

By making your payment and purchase, you willfully acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to all of
the rules, terms and conditions listed above and voluntarily consent to follow them, pay for and
participate in any requested services such as a Consultation, Certification Course, Group
Coaching or Training, Private 1:1 Coaching or Training or any other services with “The Agency”
and to immediately pay the scheduled fee for the program, course, coaching, consultation/
services if it has not already been paid for according to agreed upon payment terms.

* I am over 18 years of age; or, I am the parent or legal guardian of the subject of the
Consultation / Services.
* I understand that Jeanne Marie Conti and or Camille Conti, CH is not a clinical psychologist/
psychiatrist or physician / medical doctor, attorney or CPA of any type.
* I wish to obtain Certification Courses, Consultation and or other services.
* I am currently under the care of a physician or other health care practitioner. As a client of
“The Agency,” you agree to take complete responsibility for your physical and emotional health.
* I understand that no physician-patient relationship is established through my participation in
this Certification Course, Consultation/ Services work. I understand that this Consultation/
Services is not psychotherapy. I understand that a Consultation is not a medical diagnosis,
medical treatment or medical advice; therefore I understand that a Consultation will not provide
prescription, treatment or psychotherapy.
A Consultation will not provide a cure for any disease whether emotional, physical or spiritual.
Any information or guidance provided by “The Agency” shall not be construed as a prescription,
a promise of benefits, a claim of cures, or a guarantee of results to be achieved. “The Agency”
makes no guarantees or warranties of any nature whatsoever related to A Program, Certification
Course, Consultation/ Services.
Every individual has different results with our programs and courses. The testimonials used for
promotions are for information only. We make no claims or promises of any specific results from
our Certification Course, consultations and or services.
* During this Certification Course, Consultation or other services; a list of available options or
solutions will be described, but I agree that before undertaking any of these options or solutions,
I will consult my physician or other health care practitioner, CPA or attorney whose care I am
currently under.
*You, on your own behalf and on behalf of your heirs, personal representatives, guardians and
any persons deriving their claims through you or on your behalf, hereby waive, release and hold
harmless “The Agency” and her agents from any and all claims, liabilities and damages of any
nature or kind whatsoever, related in any way to the service provided by or through “The
*You also acknowledge and agree that “The Agency” is not responsible for the negligent or
intentional acts or omissions of any third party or for any of your own actions or inactions, that
the total liability of “The Agency” is limited to the services purchased by you from “The Agency”
will not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages.
* I acknowledge by signing this form that I have not been hospitalized for psychiatric reasons
within the last three (3) years.
* I understand that “The Agency” reserves the right to refuse to do a Consultation or other
services or end one early, at any time for inappropriate / unprofessional behavior and there will
be no refund given in such an incident.
* I understand that a Certification Course, Consultation or other services is not reimbursable by
medical insurance or flexible spending accounts or any other agency.
* Cancellation Policy: No refund will be given if we receive notice of your cancellation less than
48 hours from your scheduled appointment time. You will willingly forfeit the money paid or due
for the session unless it’s an emergency with appropriate documentation submitted to our
agency office and accepted by our legal office.
* All services and payments are 100% Non-Refundable and Non-Transferrable. All payments
that are made in advance are non-refundable and Non-Transferrable for any reason.
Certification Course, Consultations and Sessions must be completed during the agreed upon
*Monthly Payment Agreements are due through automatic charge on credit card for the first of
each month a payment is due. If you stop showing up for the appointment as a client or “The
Agency” ends the appointment(s) for inappropriate and or unprofessional behavior; your
monthly payment is still due each month for the length of the contract, program, Certification
Course, and agreement set forth here.
*If you choose to no longer show up to the sessions, act with “inappropriate and or
unprofessional behavior” such as but not limited to: not replying to text messages and or email
appointment dates and time offers or request/ book your appointments for your pre-paid
program and/or you are dismissed for dishonesty, misrepresentation of the truth to answers
asked during the initial consultation and throughout the program or course, inappropriate/
unprofessional behavior, breaking any of the private or public Face Book or social media Group
rules, defamation of character of “The Agency” or any staff, clients or students, sexual
harassment to any of any of our staff, clients or students at “The Agency;” there will be no
compensation or refunds given for any reason.
*If the client or student does not respond to three or more appointment requests given via text or
email, show up for scheduled appointments or classes, misrepresents the truth, lies or is
dishonest or fails to complete mutually agreed upon, assigned homework by “The Agency”; the
client agrees to forfeit the remainder of their appointments for the program with no refunds for
any reason for not cooperating with the appropriate program process designed to help achieve
the client’s and or student’s set agreed upon goals for your program.
*Appointments are required to be kept on the books monthly until your sessions are completed.
If we miss a month or two that is fine. However, if you skip three months in a row, then you
forfeit your pre-paid for sessions or Certification Course, with no refund or a transfer of sessions.
*You agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend, the Released Parties from and against, any
and all claims, liabilities, damages and expenses of every kind or nature whatsoever arising out
of or attributed, directly or indirectly, to your failure to disclose truthful, accurate and complete
information relevant to the services provided by “The Agency.”
*This Agreement contains the entire agreement between you “The Client” or “The Student” and
“The Agency” supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, oral or written, with respect
to the subject matter hereof. If any term or condition of this Agreement shall be invalid or
unenforceable to any extent or in any application, then the remainder of this Agreement, and
such term or condition, except to such extent or in such application, shall not be affected,
thereby and each and every term and condition of this Agreement shall be valid and enforceable
to the fullest extent and in the broadest application permitted by law.
* We “The Agency” reserve the right to be up to one hour late for scheduled appointment and or
run over one hour past scheduled end time or cancel appointment at the very last minute with
no previous notice or have Camille Conti or Jeanne Marie Conti step in to do part or all of the
consultation/ services with no previous notice due to the fact that both Camille and Jeanne
Marie are highly professionally skilled and are volunteer, first emergency response care
providers for crisis intervention.
*Prayers & Blessings: “The Agency” offers prayers and blessings for the client and their family
as part of group and private sessions and certification courses. We are a Christ Consciousness
team. We do not provide any refund for any client and or student regarding prayers and
blessings that are said out loud in class, private sessions, group sessions and or on recordings.
“The client” and “the student” agree to respect the beliefs of the agency, clients, staff and
students even if they do not agree. We can all agree to disagree with respect.
*Confidentiality: All Course, healing or intellectual Information that is emailed to you or handed
to you or audio/video training materials and documents, printed, digital or any other format given
to you are copyrighted. You must receive written permission from “The Agency” in order to pass
on, forward, copy or reproduce any of this information on to anyone else for any reason. “The
Agency” reserves the right to execute legal action for plagiarism or property theft to the full
extent of the law if necessary.
*Client / Practitioner / Agency Edification Clause:
Both client and practitioner maintain the enlightened and mature decision to only speak highly of
each other during and after their work together in gratitude and appreciation for each other. If
the client were to use any language that is not positive and uplifting regarding the practitioner; in
any public genres (internet or non internet related), the practitioner (“The Agency”) reserves the
right to take any and all legal action that is necessary to put it to an end to it and recuperate any
losses or damages.
*“The Agency” Reserves the right to record any and all interactions, Classes, or Lessons and
use the recordings for distribution in any way they choose for sale, promotions, training and
viewing of recorded classes, sessions and private 1:1 work.
Any and all consultations, programs, coaching and certification courses are proprietary
information and owned by “The Agency.” “The Agency” may use the information again for other
students, clients, sessions or courses as they choose to at any time.
***While participating in any group coaching, training, classes or Facebook Groups; I will follow
and comply with the GROUP, PRIVATE 1:1 AND CLASS RULES below:
Camille Conti Agency and Academy of Divine Rich CEO Group Coaching and Training,
Facebook & Live Zoom Class Rules. Rules are subject to change at any time.
1.) If you are going to be late or are sick and cannot participate, please contact your
instructor at least 30 minutes before assigned start time. (Private 1:1 appointments
require 48 hours cancellation policy. No refund will be given for notice less than 48 hours
ahead of time. Three or more violations can result in removal from the program(s) with
no refund.)
2.) Live class requires attendance and participation. Please note if you miss class(es), it
may affect your ability to graduate. What you put into this certification course is what you
will get out of it. Yes, the recorded classes may be available to view after class, however,
they should not be a replacement for attending class live.
3.) Professionalism. Everyone is to respect each other’s boundaries, their learning styles, as
well as instructors methods of teaching curriculum. Please note that because this is a
live Zoom class; you may be triggering others at their designated place of learning, and
others around them, with any outbursts, unprofessional language (examples: swearing,
arguing with instructors, not listening, complaining, coming to class unprepared, and not
keeping up with the classes and homework). It’s important to be prepared, take the
learning session and others valuable time into consideration.
4.) Please wear appropriate clothing to live class or sessions.
5.) Please be respectful to others opinions and styles including the instructors. Please
present any concerns with a positive and respectful attitude.
6.) When there are breaks or breakout sessions, please stay within the time limits given as
to not disrupt others by coming back into the group late.
7.) Stay on task. If you do not understand something, please speak up politely during the
topic. When you speak up, use only a professional code of conduct.
8.) No smoking, vaping or alcohol use during session; you may be triggering others with
chemical use issues.
9.) Please have all materials necessary (a beverage, snack, notebooks, pen) to start class
when ready.
10.) What happens in group, stays in group. What others share is confidential and there
needs to be respected boundaries around that. The recorded classes are only to be
accessed by enrolled students, clients and alumni. Please understand that both
students, clients and any guests in class may be going through healing experiences and
we must all hold the space collectively for each other’s transformations in a non
judgmental, loving, respectful, uplifting and caring style with mindfulness of our verbal
and non verbal communication. Please consider how your behavior could affect others in
the live class or while viewing the recording later.
11.) Someone on the instructor team may pull you out into a breakout session or into a
private meeting during live class, program or a private 1:1 session. The instructor or staff
member may contact you via email, text, phone or instant messenger in between classes
with any special directions, guidance, support or recommendations. You must reply in a
timely manner of 24 to 48 hours. Failure to reply is considered refusal to comply with the
rules and can result in either a first warning letter or immediate removal from group
classes, sessions and programs or private 1:1 sessions. You will have only the
membership site and once a week email to our office for communication.
12.) If any of these rules are broken, then you will be given one warning. If it happens
again, then you will not be allowed to come to live group class any longer or be allowed
inside of the private Facebook group. No refunds will be given. You will have to take the
course by watching the recordings, accessing the tools on the membership site, and
sending your questions to our main office via email once a week at .

By making your payment and purchase, you willfully acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to all of
the rules, terms and conditions listed above and voluntarily consent to follow them, pay for and
participate in any requested services such as a Consultation, Certification Course, Group
Coaching or Training, Private 1:1 Coaching or Training or any other services with “The Agency”
and to immediately pay the scheduled fee for the program, course, coaching, consultation/
services if it has not already been paid for according to agreed upon payment terms.