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Vision –  To help spread God’s unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness and healing globally.

Mission –To help change the world’s of personal care, beauty care & health care products to be healthy & healing for individuals & the planet via the creation of, collaboration with and marketing of alternative & holistic organic products.

We provide products and education via our web site, private coaching, trade shows, workshop coaching and our professional advisory, observation and mediation agency, Camille Conti Agency, LLC.

Founder and healthy aging beauty expert, Camille Conti, created our products for ultimate health, glamour and MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) for herself and her family. 

Invented as health care products, Camille’s formulas quickly evolved into a beauty care system for glamour and youth. Camille is a pioneer in the organic personal care industry. 

Camille began her career as a model and account executive for Gucci® and Ralph Lauren® in 1988. Her passion for beauty and wellness steers her successes in helping people achieve their very best. In 1990, Camille founded Artistic Assets, an image consulting firm, guiding clients with healthy aging assessments, skin care, and beauty and wardrobe makeovers. 

Today, Camille is known as a healthy aging beauty expert, keynote success, motivational and inspirational speaker, the CEO and designer of Natural Image Care, a luxurious, certified organic, clinically proven skin care collection and the Co-Founder and CEO of Camille Conti Agency, LLC. Over the past 33 years, Camille has been referred to as the glass ceiling buster. Her goal is educating, inspiring and helping lead the way to changing the world of skin care, cosmetics and health care to create healthier consumers and, consequently, a healthier world through superior products and services and broadcast media education. 

Teaching people how to achieve their health and beauty goals through wise choices and a healthy balance of Eastern and Western science is her overall mission.