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    Natural Image Care

    Clinical Anti-aging
    Anti-Photo Aging
    Reduces Hyper Pigmentation

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Corporate Mission:
To help revolutionize the worlds of beauty and healthcare and make them more holistic, healthy and healing.

Corporate Intention:
To help spread God’s unconditional love and healing around the world.


Welcome to Natural Image Care

With pure intentions, God sends us what we ask for! The universe can respond to the request when we know exactly what we want and need and we are ready willing and able to receive all of the blessings in store for us. It’s allowing God to work his magic through the universe and keeping a vibration of faith and trust with a positive attitude. Therefore, not creating obstacles for the gifts to come to us. A positive attitude is a high frequency and high vibrational things can enter your energy field in this frequency. A negative attitude is a low frequency and then only low vibrational things are attracted to your energy thus “The Law of Attraction!” Even if our circumstances feel 99% negative and 1% positive… It’s important to focus on the 1% positive and it will begin to grow. Once it hits 51% you will have manifested more positive than negative! What we obsess about is what we bring about! So we must choose wisely what we think about. . I confirmed all of this through trial and error. I have many stories of failures and successes to prove it! But, truly.. There are no failures, just lessons learned to position us to develop our soul further! Remember, there are only two emotions… Fear and Love… And Love erases Fear.



We started a Foundation last year called The Foundation for Exceptional
Individuals and Women and Children in Need. We help children in the USA and
third world countries to receive cosmetic plastic surgery
such as Cleft Palate and Lip Reconstruction and Tumor Removals.

This is our most exciting project and the most fulfilling. It wakes me up in the
morning excited. As our foundation grows we will be able to accept Grant
applications and donate funds to charities that meet our established criteria.

Eventually we will have our own team of doctors and holistic practitioners
to work with the children and their families. For now we are donating
a portion of our proceeds towww.operationsmile.org

A very reputable organization. For $240.00 one child can receive
the surgery to repair their cleft palate and lip! Please consider donating
and helping a child. You can also call 1-888-288-7139.